21:55 Changeset [84] by andrewgunn
Added: A request/reminder to not edit out the link to the EVE-Dev website.
00:00 Changeset [83] by Coni
Removed isk at end of values.


23:53 Changeset [82] by Coni
Added a ReadThis?.txt file.. probably a pretty good idea for people to read …
23:50 Changeset [81] by Coni
New update to the Item Detail, By clicking settings it will import data …
20:11 Changeset [80] by exi
Added GNU GPL license file as part of the license §1


00:53 Changeset [79] by knifee
Update to show some more stats, from derosian.


22:47 Changeset [78] by exi
Fixed the missing /
22:37 Changeset [77] by exi
Parse Error generated by $Revision$ test fix attempt
22:33 Changeset [76] by exi
Test for autocounting versionnumber based on svn.


23:32 Changeset [75] by exi
2nd fix... now tested to post a mail…
23:29 Changeset [74] by exi
Fix for the Fatal Error on a dupe
23:20 Changeset [73] by exi
Small fix for unknown system names so they don't break up the parser.


00:51 Changeset [72] by exi
Changed portrait to only store 128x128. class.http.php now returns false …


20:50 Changeset [71] by exi
Rearranged some code in the parser. Added autoupgrade code to adress the …
01:39 Changeset [70] by knifee
Added Comi's item_values mod. Allows values to be added to the db to …
01:37 Changeset [69] by knifee
Added an extra function to get the value of a lost item. Used with a new …
01:02 Changeset [68] by andrewgunn
Fixed: I forgot to add "/img/" as part of the image's path. Images should …


01:21 Changeset [67] by knifee
Added an Admin Only column 'Admin - Move' has a link that opens move_pilot …
01:19 Changeset [66] by knifee
A Simple page that can be used to move a pilot from one corp to another. …


23:24 Changeset [65] by andrewgunn
Fixed: Various images were hard-linked in the CSS files. Closes bug #23.
15:35 Changeset [64] by andrewgunn
A few minor fixes, I made the banner into a link (if you set it in the …
04:45 Changeset [63] by exi
Attempt to fix the parser for items destroyed in a container. Removed the …
00:05 Changeset [62] by knifee
fixed a division by 0 bug.. thanks to Coni for the code.


23:00 Changeset [61] by knifee
Updated both files, settings now describes correctly what it does, as well …
08:05 Changeset [60] by liq
-added a working auditing feature for admin menue. shows kill_id, …
04:44 Changeset [59] by exi
Changed the custom shipsvalue table to show more information Added admin …
03:21 Changeset [58] by exi
Fixed "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: getvictimallianceid()" …
02:30 Changeset [57] by exi
Changed http_request to be able to post form data Edited default/blue …
00:25 Changeset [56] by knifee
Updated previous changes to make proper use of the class.item functions …
00:07 Changeset [55] by knifee
Changed the way that NPCs and POSs are handled. class.pilot.php: added …


16:52 Changeset [54] by exi
Fixed the error caused by previous checkin Added doctype to pageheader. …
16:00 Changeset [53] by liq
-added clickable alliance name to victim -added aliiance to involved …
00:47 Changeset [52] by knifee
Adds a 'Known Members' link to the corp_details page. Shows all known …


22:03 Changeset [51] by exi
Additions to autoupgrade (table updates to ships for some factionships) …


15:37 Changeset [50] by exi
Removed the pass-by-reference from class.http.php. Changed Custom …
06:38 Changeset [49] by exi
id,* != *,id
06:06 Changeset [48] by exi
Forgot some kind of nifty display on the about page for the Custom …
05:44 Changeset [47] by exi
Added Custom Shipvalue System, to be enabled in options, as always with …


03:26 Changeset [46] by andrewgunn
Added the Sync_Server mod, which is a stand-alone server to handle the …
02:54 Changeset [45] by andrewgunn
Fixed: The field is 'ID' (all caps) in the database not 'id' (no caps). …


23:56 Changeset [44] by exi
Changed Synchronization to use http-request class Changed portrait …


09:01 Changeset [43] by andrewgunn
Changed the minimum number of targets for Campaigns and Contracts from 10 …
07:29 Changeset [42] by andrewgunn
Fixed: There was a bug where titans had too many points to get a purple …
02:18 Changeset [41] by exi
Changed the Comments-lettercounter to a span-text instead of a form-input …


08:12 Changeset [40] by beansman
* Added the "ingame browser mod", makes existing igb feature obsolete! * …


19:17 Changeset [39] by exi
created cache/data for several purposes small changes to comments and kill …
14:44 Changeset [38] by exi
Changed alliance pictures to work like the corp-ones (eg: upload …
14:09 Changeset [37] by exi
fixed a parser bug if you got a container in your cargo
10:20 Changeset [36] by beansman
* Fixed a ">>> Rev. 23" error in post_igb.php * Someone didn't merge as …


17:11 Changeset [35] by beansman
* Added the admin menu to pages ;)
16:02 Changeset [34] by beansman
* Added import/export csv text format
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