Changeset 92 for dev/img

11/25/06 16:43:24 (16 years ago)

Updated about page for 1.2.
Made table bgcolor black for alliance images.
Made table bgcolor black for corp images.
The parser now reparsers dupes and deletes comments on killmail deletion.
Changed parser to output some error messages if he doesn't like the mail.
Added conversion code for those funny german mailheader.
Fixed bugs #3 and #4.
Included a fix from Coni to class.ship.php.
Removed the error for unknown solar systems, this is now covered by the parser itself.
Now ordering comments by date.
Fixed db.php:getRow to return false in case of a non valid mysql resource id.
Added the sql killmail limit for home.php.
Added default width/heigth for pictures in kill details.
The searchpage will now redirect you to your hit if it only gets one serach result.

2 added
1 removed