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07/16/09 21:50:28 (13 years ago)

Fixes: Rank mod gives out less free medals. Value editor updated by FriedRoadKill? and incorporated in core. Classified kills not shown in related kills. History mod updated.

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1 removed
8 modified


  • dev/common/about.php

    r370 r427  
    1717        'bunjiboys', 
    1818        'Karbowiak', 
    19         'EDG'); 
     19        'EDG', 
     20        'Duncan - Shailo Koljas'); 
  • dev/common/admin/admin_menu.php

    r398 r427  
    4646options::oldMenu('Features', "Campaigns", "?a=admin_cc&op=view&type=campaign"); 
    4747options::oldMenu('Features', "Standings", "?a=admin_standings"); 
    4849options::oldMenu('Appearance', "Map Options", "?a=admin_mapoptions"); 
    5051options::oldMenu('Advanced', "Ship Values", "?a=admin_shp_val"); 
    51 #options::oldMenu('Advanced', "Synchronization", "?a=admin_sync"); 
     52options::oldMenu('Advanced', "Item Values", "?a=admin_value_editor"); 
    5253options::oldMenu('Advanced', "Post Permissions", "?a=admin_postperm"); 
  • dev/common/includes/class.kill.php

    r425 r427  
    4646                $this->$var = $value; 
    4747        } 
     48        //! Get the internal ID of this kill. 
     50        //! \return integer value for the internal kill ID. 
    4951        function getID() 
    5052        { 
    5254        } 
     56        //! Get the external ID of this kill. 
     58        //! \return integer value for the external kill ID. 
    5459        function getExternalID() 
    5560        { 
    613618        function isClassified() 
    614619        { 
     620                if(!$this->timestamp_) $this->execQuery(); 
    615621                if (config::get('kill_classified')) 
    616622                { 
    687693        function relatedKillCount() 
    688694        { 
     695                // No details for classified kills. 
     696                if($this->isClassified()) return 0; 
    689697                if($this->relatedkillcount_) return $this->relatedkillcount_; 
    690698                $sql="SELECT COUNT(kll.kll_id) AS kills FROM kb3_kills kll WHERE "; 
    711719                                " AND ind_plt_id != kll.kll_victim_id ) LIMIT 1) "; 
    712720                } 
    713                 $sql .= "-- related kill count"; 
     721                $sql .= "/* related kill count */"; 
    714722                $qry = new DBQuery(); 
    715723                if(!$qry->execute($sql)) return 0; 
    722730        function relatedLossCount() 
    723731        { 
     732                // No details for classified kills. 
     733                if($this->isClassified()) return 0; 
    724734                if($this->relatedlosscount_) return $this->relatedlosscount_; 
    725735                $sql="SELECT count(kll.kll_id) as losses FROM kb3_kills kll "; 
    750760                                " AND ind_plt_id != ".PILOT_ID." ) ) "; 
    751761                } 
    752                 $sql .= "-- related loss count"; 
     762                $sql .= "/* related loss count */"; 
    753763                $qry = new DBQuery(); 
    754764                if(!$qry->execute($sql)) return 0; 
  • dev/common/includes/globals.php

    r426 r427  
    9         $svn_rev = '426'; 
     9        $svn_rev = '427'; 
    1111define('SVN_REV', $svn_rev); 
  • dev/common/kill_related.php

    r370 r427  
    1111    exit; 
     13$kill = new Kill($kll_id); 
     14echo $kill->getID(); 
     17        Header("Location: ".KB_HOST."/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=".$kll_id); 
     18        die(); 
    1420$page = new Page('Related kills & losses'); 
  • dev/mods/history/about.php

    r357 r427  
    66// i store the names here for an easy edit 
    77$developer = array('exi (Lead Developer)', 
    8                    'Beansman (Developer)', 
    9                    'Ralle030583 (Developer)'); 
     8                                        'Beansman (Developer)', 
     9                                        'Ralle030583 (Developer)', 
     10                                        'Hon Kovell (Developer)'); 
    11 $contributor = array('JaredC01', 
    12                      'liquidism', 
    13                      'Mitchman', 
    14                      'Coni', 
    15                      'FriedRoadKill', 
    16                      'bunjiboys', 
    17                      'Karbowiak', 
    18                      'EDG'); 
     12$contributor = array('FriedRoadKill', 
     13                                                'JaredC01', 
     14                                                'liquidism', 
     15                                                'Mitchman', 
     16                                                'Coni', 
     17                                                'bunjiboys', 
     18                                                'Karbowiak', 
     19                                                'EDG'); 
  • dev/mods/history/history.xml

    r361 r427  
    11<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
     5<date>Jul 15 2009</date> 
     11Fixes: kill_detail item prices work 
     18<date>Jul 15 2009</date> 
     24Fixes: page cache improved for shared boards, deleted kills correctly deleted from summaries, db errors introduced last patch are removed. 
     31<date>Jul 15 2009</date> 
     37Fixes: killlists with both involved corps and alliances work. Memory use reduced. 
     44<date>Jul 14 2009</date> 
     50Fixes: missing code in rankmod located. logo code detects missing gd function, api_alliance labels Faction a Faction 
     57<date>Jul 14 2009</date> 
     63Fixes: Rank mod toplists correctly limit by plt/crp/all, install not incorrectly called automatically. Modifying the cost of a kill updates the summary tables. 
     70<date>Jul 13 2009</date> 
     76Alliance page is named Faction if showing a Faction. Cache options clarified. Page specific cache times re-enabled. 
     83<date>Jul 13 2009</date> 
     89Fixes: php4 errors fixed. Pricing formula fixed. 
     96<date>Jul 12 2009</date> 
     102Fixes: some php4 errors fixed. The great commenting project continues. 
     109<date>Jul 12 2009</date> 
     115Fixes: rank mod incorporates corplogo generation 
     122<date>Jul 12 2009</date> 
     128Fixes: ship value column now bigint, rss feed html matches doctype. install db updated to 1.2:v1.4, faction correctly shown on raw mails, factions stored as alliance 
     135<date>Jul 11 2009</date> 
     141Fixes: upgrade no longer relies on install directory existing, upgrade variables correctly named, legacy code removed, error notices reduced. 
     148<date>Jul 10 2009</date> 
     154Upgrade allows admin to log in if not already logged in. 
     161<date>Jul 10 2009</date> 
     167Latest upgrades incorporated into install. Install is automatically started on boards with no config. 
     174<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     180Fixes: Upgrade upgrades. Install style added to upgrade. 
     187<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     193Fixes: Upgrade correctly calculates ship loss value 
     200<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     206Upgrade uses smaller upgrade steps if installation fails. 
     213<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     219Fixes: summary tables correctly filter by ship type 
     226<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     232Fixes: Feed syndication password debug code properly removed. 
     239<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     245Feed syndication supports usernames &amp; passwords more than 8 characters long 
     252<date>Jul 9 2009</date> 
     258Feed syndication supports http password protected sites (by Icebreaker) 
     265<date>Jul 8 2009</date> 
     271Fixes: Feed version correctly shown. Extra white space in class.comments removed. 
     278<date>Jul 7 2009</date> 
     284Fixes: deleted kills correctly removed from summaries. 
     291<date>Jul 7 2009</date> 
     297Fixes: db debug code no longer errors on some setups. upgrade now gives updates on progress. apicache returned to index.php for better eve api compatibility. cache options now has clear summary cache option. siglist shows correct urls. summary cache correctly updates. feedfetcher excludes kills before exclude date. exclude date on kills works 
     304<date>Jul 5 2009</date> 
     310Fixes: Parser updated with FriedRoadKill's, troubleshooting now correctly uses mysql connection, .htaccess set to disallow viewing of indexes, removed unused code from autoupgrade. 
     317<date>Jul 5 2009</date> 
     323Fixes: Removing two install files incorrectly added. 
     330<date>Jul 3 2009</date> 
     336Fixes: missing kill_export include included, troubleshooting shell_exec replaced, db.php allows >=4.1 instead of >4.1, apiuser mod comments update kill_details cache, ships names updated. 
     343<date>Jul 2 2009</date> 
     349Fixes: install is locked after first run, private cache files made inaccesible, initial summary caching removed from kill posting, board will not attempt to run on MySQL &lt; 4.1, PILOT_ID cannot be set, legacy option removed from admin panel, pos values added to installation defaults 
     356<date>Jul 1 2009</date> 
     362Fixes: autoupgrade smoother, Rare errors in db classes reduced, api login problems reduced, page cache notifications check if cache is active. admin mod list sorted. alliance and corp details pages load faster. all-time summary tables cached. killlist performance on large databases improved 
     369<date>Jun 29 2009</date> 
     375Upgrades now force admin page to be run. Admin menu has an option to list settings for error reporting. 
     382<date>Jun 29 2009</date> 
     388Fixes: autoupgrade works, problem with db.php includes removed. Admin cache menu now has option to clear caches. Install hides passwords 
     395<date>Jun 28 2009</date> 
     401Fixes: HTML, killlists with multiple involved, thumbnail creation delays, mods using short php tags corrected (Tribalize) . Autoupgrade adds missing indexes on upgraded boards. page cache updating algorithm improved, feed log information cleaned up (Oleg) 
     408<date>Jun 27 2009</date> 
     414Fixes: Incorrect indexing on installation files &amp; surplus ')' 
     421<date>Jun 26 2009</date> 
     427Fixes: summary tables have correct width, kb3_config correctly indexed, feed fetcher records foreign address in log 
     434<date>Jun 26 2009</date> 
     440Summary table template. 
     447<date>Jun 26 2009</date> 
     453Fixes: rss feed no longer shows classified kills, default banner corrected. Derelict code removed. Code streamlined. Summary tables moved to a template. 
     460<date>Jun 24 2009</date> 
     466Fixes: kill_detail comment posting works and non-existent kll_id gives correct error, t3 subsystems have correct location, potential conflicts with old mods and db classes removed. 
     473<date>Jun 23 2009</date> 
     479Fixes: sig mod works, apikill setting saved on admin panel, page cache does not attempt to double gzip, banner and award images have size set. 
     486<date>Jun 22 2009</date> 
     492Feed marks api-only feeds. Fetcher properly stores api flag for feed. Searches are trimmed of whitespace. html fix. 
     499<date>Jun 22 2009</date> 
     505Page cache fixes for comments. 
     506refresh no longer reposts comment. 
     507comments display again. 
     508304 sent for refresh of cached pages. 
     509html fixes 
     516<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     522Missing file from page cache update 
     529<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     535Fetch properly ignores non-api kills when requested. 
     536missing subsystem slot icon 
     543<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     549Updated installation pilot tables 
     556<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     562removing old db install files 
     569<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     575page cache enables properly. 
     582<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     588Admin setting clarifications, autoupgrade uses existing kill settings. 
     595<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     601kill class can constructs all involved pilot/ship/etc objects 
     602kill_detail reduced load using new kill method. 
     603display fixes. 
     610<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     616Feedfetch 1.7 external id support. Reduces potential load problems. Feed fetcher is identified. 
     623<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     629Improved support for constructing multiple corp/pilot/etc objects. External ID functions added 
     636<date>Jun 21 2009</date> 
     642API feed caches date properly. Rank mod has missing TopLists. Parser has better spelling. 
     649<date>Jun 20 2009</date> 
     655Improve summary efficiency display - select millions or billions depending on isk value 
     662<date>Jun 18 2009</date> 
     668MyISAM can be selected again on install 
     669duplicate item descriptions removed from install 
     670alliance/corp/pilot optional installs now have external id and correct structure 
     671alliance/corp/pilot/kill details can be selected by external id 
     672corp/alliance/kill now have get and set methods for external ids 
     673killlist has method to select only kills with an external id set 
     674monthly views mod now shows clock and combined kills if selected 
     675optimisations and fixes to killlists and toplists 
     682<date>Jun 15 2009</date> 
     688Fix apicache problem in the admin panel 
     689Fix initial display of apoc fitting panel 
     696<date>Jun 14 2009</date> 
     702kills posted with external id of null, not 0 
     703kb3_pilots unique index on external id changed to index (default is 0, not null) 
     704kb3_kills columns created in correct order 
     711<date>Jun 14 2009</date> 
     717further installation xml files corrections. 
     724<date>Jun 14 2009</date> 
     730further installation xml files corrections. 
     737<date>Jun 14 2009</date> 
     743installation xml files corrected. 
     750<date>Jun 14 2009</date> 
     756- SQL queries optimised for speed and error protection. 
     757- feed syndication optimised 
     758- front page includes optional clock and optional kill/loss display 
     759- mysqli support added 
     760- transaction protection of kills added where supported (mysqli and InnoDB) 
     761- summary tables and contracts show total destroyed value instead of ship value 
     762- html errors reduced 
     763- related kill calculation improved 
     764- query caching errors reduced 
     765- minor bugfixes 
     766- Smarty 2.6.25 added 
     767- apoc fitting mod added and modded 
     768- code optimisations 
     769- code comments added (doxygen format) 
     770- conflicting mods are now identified 
     777<date>Jan 16 2009</date> 
     782Updated smarty to 2.6.22. 
     783Fixed the killsummarytable layout problem. 
     784Implemented internal registry, its a place to put temporary variables without polluting the global namespace. 
     785Implemented a fix to db_cache::markAffectedTables() from Kovell 
     792<date>Jan 4 2009</date> 
     797Fixed the pre PHP 5.1.0 issue with the current year, it will run on php4 again but stil has the week 52/1 issue (kindof). 
     798Removed debug content from globals.php. 
     805<date>Jan 3 2009</date> 
     810Added option for efficiency in KillSummaryTables. 
     811The board is now able to get the checked out revision on svn capable systems. 
     812Fix for the week 52/1 problem. 
     813Added a first draft of the pageAssembly class together with a rework of how home.php would look like. 
     820<date>Dec 17 2008</date> 
     825Fixed apiuser to not enable xajax on all pages 
     826Added a html tweak for opera on killsummarytables 
     827Reworked ajcron::getNextRun(), it didnt work on values greater than 60 minutes 
     828Now no xajax code is inserted when board is in IGB mode 
     835<date>Dec 17 2008</date> 
     840Updated included EVEAPI to 2.71 
     841Included a mod_xajax compatible apiuser mod 
     842Tweaked some code of the apiuser mod (menu, xajax, templates) 
     843Removed the post.php from the xajax mod. 
     850<date>Dec 16 2008</date> 
     855First working version of ajcron, see;t=13513 for details 
     862<date>Dec 14 2008</date> 
     867Commit of the reworked ajax mod 
     868Preview of the new ajcron mod (80% done) 
     875<date>Dec 6 2008</date> 
     880Update of the supplied Smarty library to 2.6.21 (02.12.2008) 
    3885        <changeset> 
    4886                <rev>361</rev> 
  • dev/mods/rank_mod/rank.php

    r423 r427  
    128128$cnt = 0; 
    129129$last_parent = -1; 
    130 foreach ($ship_sub_badges as $subclass) { 
     130foreach ($ship_sub_badges as $subclass) {echo '<br>'.$subclass['name']; 
    131131  if ($subclass['parent'] > $last_parent) { 
    132132    $shipbadges[$subclass['parent']]['cnt']=$subclass['parent'];         
    134134    $last_parent = $subclass['parent']; 
    135135  } 
    136   if (strpos($enabled, $subclass['name'])) {     
     136  if (strpos($enabled, $subclass['name'])) {    echo 's'; 
    137137    $subclass['cnt'] = $cnt; 
    138138    $ship_badges[] = $subclass; 
    337337foreach ($shipbadges as $i => $ship) 
    339   if ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][0]) { 
     339  if ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][0]) { 
    340340        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][0]; 
    341341        $shipbadges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_elite'; 
    342342        $shipbadges[$i]['class']=$ship['name'].' Combat 1st Class'; 
    343343        $shipbadges[$i]['badge']='Elite '.$ship['name'].' Pilot'; 
    344   } elseif ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][1]) { 
     344  } elseif ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][1]) { 
    345345        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][1]; 
    346346        $shipbadges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_veteran'; 
    347347        $shipbadges[$i]['class']=$ship['name'].' Combat 2nd Class'; 
    348348        $shipbadges[$i]['badge']='Veteran '.$ship['name'].' Pilot'; 
    349   } elseif ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][2]) { 
     349  } elseif ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][2]) { 
    350350        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][2]; 
    351351        $shipbadges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_expert'; 
    360360foreach ($ship_sub_badges as $i => $ship) 
    362   if ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][0]) { 
     362  if ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][0]) { 
    363363        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][0]; 
    364364        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_elite'; 
    365365        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['class']=$ship['name'].' Combat 1st Class'; 
    366366        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['badge']='Elite '.$ship['name'].' Pilot'; 
    367   } elseif ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][1]) { 
     367  } elseif ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][1]) { 
    368368        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][1]; 
    369369        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_veteran'; 
    370370        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['class']=$ship['name'].' Combat 2nd Class'; 
    371371        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['badge']='Veteran '.$ship['name'].' Pilot'; 
    372   } elseif ($ship['cnt'] >= $rank_badges[$i][2]) { 
     372  } elseif ($ship['cnt'] > $rank_badges[$i][2]) { 
    373373        $bonus_rps+=$rank_badge_value[$i][2]; 
    374374        $ship_sub_badges[$i]['icon']=$ship['type'].'_expert'; 
    395395  if ($i == 4 || $i == 3 || $i == 5) { $bottom = 'Operator'; } else { $bottom = 'Gunner';} 
    396   if ($weap['cnt']>=$rank_weap_badges[$i][0]) { 
     396  if ($weap['cnt']>$rank_weap_badges[$i][0]) { 
    397397        $bonus_rps+=$rank_weap_badge_value[$i][0]; 
    398398        $weaponbadges[$i]['icon']=$weap['type'].'_elite'; 
    399399        $weaponbadges[$i]['class']=$weap['name'].' Master 1st Class'; 
    400400        $weaponbadges[$i]['badge']='Elite '.$weap['name'].' '.$bottom; 
    401   } elseif ($weap['cnt']>=$rank_weap_badges[$i][1]) { 
     401  } elseif ($weap['cnt']>$rank_weap_badges[$i][1]) { 
    402402        $bonus_rps+=$rank_weap_badge_value[$i][1]; 
    403403        $weaponbadges[$i]['icon']=$weap['type'].'_veteran'; 
    404404        $weaponbadges[$i]['class']=$weap['name'].' Master 2nd Class'; 
    405405        $weaponbadges[$i]['badge']='Veteran '.$weap['name'].' '.$bottom; 
    406   } elseif ($weap['cnt']>=$rank_weap_badges[$i][2]) { 
     406  } elseif ($weap['cnt']>$rank_weap_badges[$i][2]) { 
    407407        $bonus_rps+=$rank_weap_badge_value[$i][2]; 
    408408        $weaponbadges[$i]['icon']=$weap['type'].'_expert';