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Revision 154, 2.3 KB (checked in by exi, 14 years ago)

Added option to enable readdition of dupes which can be handy to fix issues with that mail.
The old item_values mod will be forced to deactivate on the modspage.
Removed the call-by-reference functioncalls in admin_sync.php.
Added autoupgrade code to add some missing itemtypes.
Added code to killlist to set some more variables to the killclass.
Small fix to feed.php for older gzip compatibility.
The IGB techdemo has been added.
Module loss on kill_detail is now 0 for pods instead of null.
Added http-meta equiv refresh to the killmail importer.
Greatly improved related kills page, it now has a Battle Summary.
Changed portrait code to grab the 256x256px version from as 128px is deprecated.

1{section name=day loop=$killlist}
2    {if $daybreak}
3<div class="kb-date-header">{"l, F jS"|date:$killlist[day].date}</div><br/>
4    {/if}
5<table class="kb-table" width="99%" align="center" cellspacing="1">
6    <tr class="kb-table-header">
7        <td class="kb-table-header" colspan="2" align="center">Ship type</td>
8        <td class="kb-table-header">Victim</td>
9        <td class="kb-table-header">Final blow</td>
10        <td class="kb-table-header" align="center">System</td>
11        <td class="kb-table-header" align="center">Time</td>
12    {if $comments_count}
13        <td class="kb-table-header" align="center"><img src="{$img_url}/comment{$comment_white}.gif"></td>
14    {/if}
15    </tr>
16    {cycle reset=true print=false name=ccl values="kb-table-row-even,kb-table-row-odd"}
17    {section name=kill loop=$killlist[day].kills}
18        {assign var="k" value=$killlist[day].kills[kill]}
19    <tr class="{cycle advance=false name=ccl}" onmouseout="this.className='{cycle name=ccl}';" style="height: 34px; cursor: pointer;"
20            onmouseover="this.className='kb-table-row-hover';" onClick="window.location.href='?a=kill_detail&kll_id={$}';">
21        <td width="32" align="center"><img src="{$k.victimshipimage}" border="0" width="32" heigth="32"></td>
22        <td height="34" width=150 valign="middle"><div class="kb-shiptype"><b>{$k.victimshipname}</b><br>{$k.victimshipclass}</div><div class="kb-shipicon"><img src="{$k.victimshipindicator}" border="0"></div></td>
23        <td width="200" class="kb-table-cell"><b>{$k.victim}</b><br/>{$k.victimcorp|truncate:30}</td>
24        <td width="200" class="kb-table-cell"><b>{$k.fb}</b><br>{$k.fbcorp|truncate:30}</td>
25        <td width="110" class="kb-table-cell" align="center"><b>{$k.system|truncate:10}</b><br/>({$k.systemsecurity|max:0|string_format:"%01.1f"})</td>
26        {if $daybreak}
27        <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center"><b>{$k.timestamp|date_format:"%H:%M"}</b></td>
28        {else}
29        <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center" width=80><b>{$k.timestamp|date_format:"%Y-%m-%d"}<br>{$k.timestamp|date_format:"%H:%M"}</b></td>
30        {/if}
31        {if $comments_count}
32        <td width="10" class="kb-table-cell" align="center"><b>{$k.commentcount}</b></td>
33        {/if}
34    </tr>
35    {/section}
38<p>No data.
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