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Revision 159, 188 bytes (checked in by exi, 16 years ago)

Changed socket timeout in class.http.php to 5s.
Removed references to $qry->getErrorMessage.
Modified parser to be more conservative when it comes to destroyed items in a container.
Changed class.thumb.php to set a socket timeout and supress error messages during image output.
The installer now includes the php_compat file for 4.0.9 compatibility.
Small modification to icon.tpl to fix the display on MSIE.
Added several alliance logos.

1<!-- icon.tpl -->
2<div class="item-icon" style="background: url({$img}); border: none; height:32px; width:32px; text-align:left;"><img border="0" src="{$icon}"/></div>
3<!-- /icon.tpl -->
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