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- SQL queries optimised for speed and error protection.
- feed syndication optimised
- front page includes optional clock and optional kill/loss display
- mysqli support added
- transaction protection of kills added where supported (mysqli and InnoDB)
- summary tables and contracts show total destroyed value instead of ship value
- html errors reduced
- related kill calculation improved
- query caching errors reduced
- minor bugfixes
- Smarty 2.6.25 added
- apoc fitting mod added and modded
- code optimisations
- code comments added (doxygen format)
- conflicting mods are now identified

1<table class="kb-table" width="98%" align="center" cellspacing="1">
2 <tr class="kb-table-header"><td class="kb-table-cell" width="180">Name</td>
3  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="80" align=center>Start date</td>
4{if $contract_getactive == "no"}
5  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="80" align="center">End date</td>
7  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="50" align="center">Kills</td>
8  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="70" align="center">ISK (B)</td>
9  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="50" align="center">Losses</td>
10  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="70" align="center">ISK (B)</td>
11  <td class="kb-table-cell" width="70" align="center" colspan=2>Efficiency</td>
12 </tr>
13{cycle reset=true print=false name=ccl values="kb-table-row-even,kb-table-row-odd"}
14{foreach from=$contracts item=i}
15 <tr class="{cycle advance=false name=ccl}" onmouseover="this.className='kb-table-row-hover';"
16    onmouseout="this.className='{cycle name=ccl}';" onClick="window.location.href='?a=cc_detail&amp;ctr_id={$}';">
17  <td class="kb-table-cell"><b>{$}</b></td>
18  <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center">{$i.startdate|truncate:10:""}</td>
19{if $contract_getactive == "no"}
20 {if $i.enddate}
21  <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center">{$i.enddate|truncate:10:""}</td>
22 {else}
23  <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center">Active</td>
24 {/if}
26  <td class="kl-kill" align="center">{$i.kills}</td>
27  <td class="kl-kill" align="center">{$i.killisk/1000000|string_format:"%.2f"}</td>
28  <td class="kl-loss" align="center">{$i.losses}</td>
29  <td class="kl-loss" align="center">{$i.lossisk/1000000|string_format:"%.2f"}</td>
30  <td class="kb-table-cell" align="center" width="40"><b>{$i.efficiency}</b></td>
31  <td class="kb-table-cell" align="left" width="75">{$}</td>
32 </tr>
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