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This is a big update...
Moved all admin scripts to common/admin.
Moved all includes and classes to common/includes.
Edited all include-paths to reflect the movement.
Fixed a bug with the session system allowing every registered user to access admin pages.
Replaced calls to date() to use a wrapper so gmdate can be used.
Replaced some calls to $config with calls to the static object.
Fixed a big which caused the portrait_grab to not download a new picute.
Added a classified-state to kills.
Removed the sync_server server script in this tree.
Added code to help modules find the includes to index.php.

1<form id="options" name="options" method="post" action="?a=admin&amp;field={$field}&amp;sub={$sub}">
2<input type="hidden" name="field" value="{$field}">
3<input type="hidden" name="sub" value="{$sub}">
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