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Made contracts to be able to be targeted on systems.
Added Mapoptions to make you graphics guys scream.
Added adjustable posting permissions for killmail authorization.
Aded killmail exporter, it can export multiple pilots, corporation and alliances at once.

1<form id="options" name="options" method="post" action="?a=admin_mapoptions">
2<b>Note:</b> You don't need to set colors if you don't want to overwrite the default.<br/>
3The other settings do have an effect if they're touched though.<br/>
4<b>Usage:</b> Input into a RGB-colorfield set of 3 values seperated by ','. If you want to have those values threadened as hex then put an x in front of each.
5You can omit the 'x' if you're using A-F in the number. It also accepts html codes in the format '#RRGGBB'. If you want to turn back to the default color simply delete everything in the particular editbox.<br/>
6<b>Example:</b> "34,x13,xff" will be evaluated as rgb(34,19,255).
8{section name=id loop=$options}
9<div class="block-header2">{$options[id].name}</div>
10<table class="kb-subtable">
11    {section name=opt loop=$options[id].option}
12        {assign var="o" value=$options[id].option[opt]}
13        <tr><td width="120"><b>{$o.descr}:</b></td><td><input type="checkbox" name="{$}" id="{$}"{if $config->getConfig($}checked="checked"{/if}></td></tr>
14    {/section}
15    {section name=opt loop=$options[id].color}
16        {assign var="o" value=$options[id].color[opt]}
17        <tr><td width="120"><b>{$o.descr}:</b></td><td><input type="edit" name="{$}" id="{$}"{if $config->getConfig($} value="{$config->getConfig($}"{/if}></td></tr>
18    {/section}
21<div class="block-header2">Save changes</div>
22<table class="kb-subtable">
23<tr><td width=120></td><td><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save"></td></tr>
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