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All files (i hope i havent forgott something) was modified to use the the config in this way:
- config::get($key)
- config::del($key)
- config::set($key,value)

Exception Templates/Smarty?:
The templates still uses $config->get($key) and $config->set($key,$value) cause
it seems that smarty dont like the :: notification

1<form id="options" name="options" method="post" action="?a=admin_mapoptions">
2<b>Note:</b> You don't need to set colors if you don't want to overwrite the default.<br/>
3The other settings do have an effect if they're touched though.<br/>
4<b>Usage:</b> Input into a RGB-colorfield set of 3 values seperated by ','. If you want to have those values treated as hex then put an x in front of each.
5You can omit the 'x' if you're using A-F in the number. It also accepts html codes in the format '#RRGGBB'. If you want to turn back to the default color simply delete everything in the particular editbox.<br/>
6<b>Example:</b> "34,x13,xff" will be evaluated as rgb(34,19,255).
8{section name=id loop=$options}
9<div class="block-header2">{$options[id].name}</div>
10<table class="kb-subtable">
11    {section name=opt loop=$options[id].option}
12        {assign var="o" value=$options[id].option[opt]}
13        <tr><td width="120"><b>{$o.descr}:</b></td><td><input type="checkbox" name="{$}" id="{$}"{if $config->get($}checked="checked"{/if}></td></tr>
14    {/section}
15    {section name=opt loop=$options[id].color}
16        {assign var="o" value=$options[id].color[opt]}
17        <tr><td width="120"><b>{$o.descr}:</b></td><td><input type="edit" name="{$}" id="{$}"{if $config->get($} value="{$config->get($}"{/if}></td></tr>
18    {/section}
21<div class="block-header2">Save changes</div>
22<table class="kb-subtable">
23<tr><td width=120></td><td><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Save"></td></tr>
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