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- SQL queries optimised for speed and error protection.
- feed syndication optimised
- front page includes optional clock and optional kill/loss display
- mysqli support added
- transaction protection of kills added where supported (mysqli and InnoDB)
- summary tables and contracts show total destroyed value instead of ship value
- html errors reduced
- related kill calculation improved
- query caching errors reduced
- minor bugfixes
- Smarty 2.6.25 added
- apoc fitting mod added and modded
- code optimisations
- code comments added (doxygen format)
- conflicting mods are now identified

3If you are using rank mod 0.96b remove the images form img/ranks/ribbons/ first
4Overwrite all the files as the archive is structured
6RANK MOD 0.97c (hotfix provided by Ralle030583)
7- fix of alliance and corp detail  Ribbon Showroom, count for weapon badges wasnt shown
8- fix in aliiance detail which caused an Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object 
9- number of ribbons in a row at pilot detail showcase limited to 10 instead of 11
11RANK MOD 0.97b
13- fixed the rank medals table creation and operation to allow it work with multiple killboards on same database
14- added all the 8 main ship classes with 21 more selectable subclasses with settable bonus & requirements for each
15- reworked & created all the 29 selectable ribbon classes & subclasses images
16- added the possibility to give different bonus & requirements for the weapon master ribbons
17- added the possibility to give a different bonus for each medal, including a negative value for top losers
18- added the possibility to edit rank titles & abbreviations
19- added more exp factors for better rank distribution
20- modified corp_detail and pilot_detail to reflect the new modifications
21- added all the stuff seen in corp detail to alliance detail too
22- extended the known members mod to alliance members with page splitter
23- added a lot of new rank insignias and titles:
24--> Star Trek: Original Series
25--> Star Trek: Next Generation
26--> Star Trek: Enterprise
27--> Star Wars: Rebel Alliance
28--> Star Wars: Imperial Navy
29--> Battlestar Galactica
31To do:
33- Finish the corp medals page (still not found nothing that satisfies me - currently in development)
34- Enable some functions for alliance detail (tricky)
35- Add campaings ribbons (tricky)
36- Rework homepage to show most ranked pilots instead of top scorers and top killers (easy)
37- Add the possibility to give monthly medals to every corp in an alliance instead only for the alliance (tricky - currently in development)
38- Finish and rework rank signatures (tricky)
39- Add the possibility to search pilots by badges and medals (very tricky)
41Previous Versions
45- Added Top Losers to Awards Page
46- Removed Control Towers, Batteries, Sentry Guns & Warp Bubbles from medal assignation and Awards Page
47- Removed Sentry Guns & Batteries from Rank list & Known members list
48- Removed a bug preventing Alliance Boards to work properly
49- Reworked the small award showcase to be inline with other tables
50- Reworked the test sig to use the abbreviation instead the long title and update to new image format
54- Changed ribbons from png to gif to increase compatibility with older browsers
55- Removed Control Towers & Bubbles from Rank List & Known Member List
56- Merged a reviewed version of Known Members Mod
57- Reworked the class.toplist querys for the weapon list re-introducing drones as most used weapons
58- Added the Drone Operator ribbons
59- Added a small showcase to pilot detail if you do not want the portrait layered but you still want to see the awards
60- Reworked corp detail & pilot detail isk amounts to show Billions or Millions
61- Added a Kill Ratio either for corp & pilot
62- Added some info to pilot detail page
63- Added progression bar & rank data to the rank & decorations section of pilot detail
64- Added new settings to the settings page like known members / rank list settings and purple moon value
68- Added a rank generation core (rank.php)
69        contains a couple of functions to use them in all the kb
70- Added a settings page (settings.php)
71        great part of the code is done here, from the table for the medals to the creation of the rank list
72- Added the needed images (img/ranks/*)
73        needed for the graphical part of the stuff
74- Added a 128x128 signature to the signature mod (mods/signature_generator/signatures/portrait128/*)
75        made as a test, included as a test
76- Modified the awards images (img/awards/*);
77        to reflect the "new" medals
78- Modified the Pilot Details page (pilot_detail.php)
79        it shows a lot of admin settable things
80- Modified the Corp Details page (corp_detail.php)
81        it lists all the pilots with their ranks
82- Modified the config file (common/includes/class.config.php)
83        corrects an error preventing to get arrays from the config table
84- Modified the top list file (common/includes/class.toplist.php)
85        correct a couple of errors on the toplists and add a couple of new functions
87Many thanks to:
88Overated: for the original mod & inspiration
89Lannier: for the request ;)
90nxgshadow, Jomanda, Warbear: for giving good ideas
91Anne Sapyx: for excellent bug reporting and for giving good ideas
93And Very Very Special Thanks to Cpt Guppy, with his constant testing and bug reporting make my mods everyday better ;)
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