root/dev/mods/mail_forward/auto_settings.php @ 181

Revision 181, 361 bytes (checked in by exi, 16 years ago)

Changed admin/options to show the actual page as page title.
admin_menu.php now also loads settings from mods.
Added event manager and the first 2 events (comment/killmail added).
Changed config to be in a separate file and modified it to be called static with config::get().
http_request now stores the socket status in $this->status.
Changed MapView? to store pictures based on KB_SITE so it doesnt show a map with wrong colors for the current killboard on a multi-site installation.
Changed options to handle element options (like 'edit:size:40').
Changed options to use the static calls to config.
Changed Page to use the static calls to config.
Changed Session to use session_name() to determine if it should start a session.
index.php now loads module-init-scripts.
Changed post.php to use config and it should now also use the mailserver configuration directive to send emails.
Added a mail_forward-mod to show how easy it can be to develop mods once there are enough events listed.
Fixed 2 typos in battle_overview.tpl.

2if (!class_exists('options'))
4    header('Location: ?a=admin&field=Modules&sub=Mail%20Forward');
6options::cat('Modules', 'Mail Forward', 'Forwarding');
7options::fadd('Forwarding active', 'forward_active', 'checkbox');
8options::fadd('Forward site', 'forward_site', 'edit:size:50');
9options::fadd('Forward password', 'forward_pass', 'edit');
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