root/dev/mods/ajcron/auto_settings.php @ 366

Revision 366, 0.7 KB (checked in by exi, 13 years ago)

Fixed apiuser to not enable xajax on all pages
Added a html tweak for opera on killsummarytables
Reworked ajcron::getNextRun(), it didnt work on values greater than 60 minutes
Now no xajax code is inserted when board is in IGB mode

3if (!class_exists('options'))
5        exit('This killboard is not supported (options package missing)!');
7options::cat('Modules', 'AJCron', 'Settings');
8options::fadd('Reset next scheduled run to now', 'ajcron_resetNextRun', 'checkbox');
9options::fadd('Reset running jobs', 'ajcron_resetRunning', 'checkbox');
[364]10options::fadd('Blocking Cronjobs', 'ajcron_blocking', 'checkbox');
[363]11options::fadd('Next scheduled run', 'none', 'custom', array('ajcron', 'getNextRunDisplay'), array('ajcron', 'resetNextRunCheckbox'));
[366]12options::fadd('Jobs', 'ajcron_jobs', 'textarea:cols:70:rows:10');
[364]13options::fadd('Runtable', 'anone', 'custom', array('ajcron', 'getRuntable'));
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