root/dev/install/sql/tbl_check.txt @ 133

Revision 133, 173 bytes (checked in by exi, 16 years ago)

Reduced one potential sql-bug.
Added ability to identify items as t2 via their techlevel rather than just 'II'.
Fixed item location 0 to not cause skipping that item.
Added anzahl/quantity-replace for the german killpreparser.
Fixed final blow award to show correct numbers.
Removed unnecessary code from db.php.
Added a table data check to the sql importer and made the importer more verbose, this should minimize support requests caused by empty table data.
Fixed a small misalignment of the comment block.

1kb3_constellations      780
2kb3_item_locations      5
3kb3_item_types  569
4kb3_races       4
5kb3_regions     66
6kb3_ship_classes        27
7kb3_ships       364
8kb3_system_jumps        13962
9kb3_systems     5334
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