root/dev/install/sql/sql_tbldata_item_locations.sql @ 203

Revision 160, 463 bytes (checked in by exi, 14 years ago)

Added Rise alliance logo.
Dumped new sql data with changed create table to support mysql 3.23.

1TRUNCATE TABLE `kb3_item_locations`;
2INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('1','Fitted - High slot');
3INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('3','Fitted - Low slot');
4INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('2','Fitted - Medium slot');
5INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('4','Cargo');
6INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('6','Drone Bay');
7INSERT IGNORE INTO `kb3_item_locations` VALUES ('5','Rig Slot');
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