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- SQL queries optimised for speed and error protection.
- feed syndication optimised
- front page includes optional clock and optional kill/loss display
- mysqli support added
- transaction protection of kills added where supported (mysqli and InnoDB)
- summary tables and contracts show total destroyed value instead of ship value
- html errors reduced
- related kill calculation improved
- query caching errors reduced
- minor bugfixes
- Smarty 2.6.25 added
- apoc fitting mod added and modded
- code optimisations
- code comments added (doxygen format)
- conflicting mods are now identified

2$stoppage = true;
4<div class="block-header2">Installation Complete</div>
5<p>Congratulations, you have successfully installed the EVE Development Network Killboard v1.4!<br/>
6Please check <a href=""></a> for updates from time to time.<br/>
8You can now take a look at <a href="../">your new Killboard</a>.<br/><br/>
9<b>Don't forget to delete the install folder now or restrict the access to it!</b><br/>
11<?php if ($stoppage)
13    return;
15<p><a href="?step=<?php echo ($_SESSION['state']+1); ?>">Next Step</a></p>
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