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Changed the to use smarty, and changed all pages that use the class to use the options. Menu Boxes can now be created as follows:
$menubox = new box("Menu");
$menubox->setIcon("menu-item.gif"); // only needed if adding a Menu (ie u want the little icon)
$menubox->addOption("caption","View"); // Add a Caption
$menubox->addOption("link","Name","URL"); // Add a Link
$menubox->addOption("points","Points Value"); // Add points to a Points Box
$menubox->addOption("img","/path to img"); // Add an Image

changed the AwardBox? Class to use smarty, that is called in the same way as before so no need to change anything.

4$menubox = new Box();
6$menubox->addOption("link","Generic", "?a=admin");
7$menubox->addOption("link","Contracts", "?a=admin_cc&op=view&type=contract");
8$menubox->addOption("link","Campaigns", "?a=admin_cc&op=view&type=campaign");
9$menubox->addOption("link","Ship Values", "?a=admin_shp_val");
10$menubox->addOption("link","Synchronization", "?a=admin_sync");
11$menubox->addOption("link","Map Options", "?a=admin_mapoptions");
12$menubox->addOption("link","Post Permissions", "?a=admin_postperm");
13$menubox->addOption("link","Mods", "?a=admin_mods");
14$menubox->addOption("link","Auditing", "?a=admin_audit");
15$menubox->addOption("link","Kill Import - files", "?a=kill_import");
16$menubox->addOption("link","Kill Import - csv", "?a=kill_import_csv");
17$menubox->addOption("link","Kill Export - files", "?a=kill_export");
18$menubox->addOption("link","Kill Export - csv", "?a=kill_export_search");
19$menubox->addOption("link","Logout", "?a=logout");
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