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3- webserver (apache)
4- PHP4+
5- Mysql 4+
6- basic knowledge of the above
8Quick setup:
10- Setup a mysql database
11- Run sql/install.sql on that database
12- Extract archive to your webserver's rootdirectory
13- Set permissions so that the user your webserver runs under is allowed to create files in cache/map and cache/portraits.
14- Enable URL file access in your PHP configuration
15- Edit config.php:
17  o KB_HOST should be set to the FQDN your killboard is at, e.g.
18  o Leave KB_SITE as it is
19  o CORP_ID or ALLIANCE_ID should be set to the ID of your corp or alliance.
20  You can lookup the id in the database tables kb3_corps (crp_id) or
21  kb3_alliances (all_id). If it's not there yet, just add a new entry in the table and use that id instead. Make sure you set one of the two to 0.
22  o KB_CACHE can be set to 1 to enable page caching. You probably won't need this for a single hosted killboard. If you do use it, make sure the directory used to store the cached pages in is outside your webroot.
23  o STYLE_URL, COMMON_URL, IMG_URL need to be set correctly. E.g., or This goes for the other 2 as well.
24  o Database credentials go into the DB_HOST, DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASS variables.
26- Remove the sql/ directory from your webroot.
27- Have fun ;)
29o/ rig0r
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