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All files (i hope i havent forgott something) was modified to use the the config in this way:
- config::get($key)
- config::del($key)
- config::set($key,value)

Exception Templates/Smarty?:
The templates still uses $config->get($key) and $config->set($key,$value) cause
it seems that smarty dont like the :: notification

[190]1This is the EDK - EVE Development Network Killboard v1.3 - Tigerduck Memorial Edition
[88]3Check out the EVE-Development Network for support,
4bugfixes and new versions at
5Developers wanted!
[190]6If you'd like to contribute to further version of this killboard, sign up for the EVE-Dev forums!
[7]10- Webserver (apache)
[139]11- PHP 4.0.9+
[88]12- Mysql 3.23.+
13- GD 2 or higher
[88]17- Upload the whole package to a webhost
18- Point your webbrowser to /install inside the EDK-Directory
19- Follow the instructions
[213]20- Don't forget to delete the install folder after installation or restrict the access to it!
[4]21- Have fun ;)
24o/ EVE Development Network
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